Why Is WordPress Such A Popular Platform For Ecommerce?

Since its release in 2003, WordPress has transformed from a simple open-source blog hosting system into one of the most popular content management systems on the internet. WordPress holds a 64.8 percent share of the content management market, according to data collated by the market research group W3. One area in which WordPress is especially dominant is e-commerce. It has proven to be the perfect platform for online shopkeepers of all kinds. So why is WordPress so successful at facilitating commerce – a task for which it was not originally designed?

Plugin Support

Some of WordPress’s enduring success in the e-commerce world is down to the way in which it supports and handles an absolutely vast range of plugins. Plugins allow site owners to add features to their WordPress site without going through the hassle of altering the core code. There are lots of different WordPress plugins that have been specifically designed to help e-commerce shop owners. Some, like WooCommerce, have become extremely popular. E-commerce plugins – developed by huge companies and amateurs alike – can help shop owners process payments, display media, track sales and automate shipping processes. If you can think of a niche, there is probably a WordPress plugin that fills it.

There is Plenty Of Help Available

Although WordPress is a relatively simple content management system to work with, expert help is always useful for e-commerce owners that want to take their business to the next level. WordPress development services from ALT Agency and similar groups of experts are readily available to help mold your e-commerce shop into a  top performer. Because WordPress is such a popular system, there are plenty of agencies vying for your custom.

WordPress Is Built For SEO

Search Engine Optimization – or SEO for short – is a term used to describe all sorts of practices that help a website rank well on search engines like Google. Link building, keyword usage, formatting, and general quality can all help a website gain graces with search engine algorithms. WordPress is great for Search Engine Optimization. It allows site owners to be in full control of the metadata search engines use to help determine relevance. It also has great connectivity with social media platforms. The more connected a website is to other areas of the internet, the more relevant it is in the eyes of search engine algorithms.

Custom Themes Help Bring An Ecommerce Website To Life

WordPress was designed from the ground up as an open-source content management system. This has allowed all sorts of creatives to create themes for WordPress sites. Themes enable a user to change the look and layout of a website – again, without altering complex code. There are literally millions of themes available to e-commerce site owners online. You don’t have to pick a pre-made theme, however. Many agencies offer bespoke theme creation as one of their services. A bespoke theme that captures the aesthetic of your company can help to build a brand identity online.