Top Trends in Fleet Technology That Business Owners Should Know About

Fleet technology is changing all the time. If you are currently struggling to keep up with the exciting changes that are being made when it comes to fleet technology, read on for more information about the top tech that is currently being introduced to help business owners to keep their drivers happy and safe. 

Collision Avoidance Systems

Once drivers had to rely on their own reaction times and focus to ensure that they did not collide with hazards or other vehicles on the road. However, now they can have support in doing this in the form of a collision avoidance system. Collision avoidance systems can ensure that your drivers do not become distracted and that accidents are avoided even a few seconds out from them occurring. This is because the Mobileye collision avoidance system and their cameras can alert drivers to oncoming hazards and any potential collisions, giving them time to put on their breaks and avoid the accident. 

Dynamic Routing

If you are worried that your drivers are constantly having to take the longest routes to their destination and that this is hampering their arrival times and overall productivity, you should consider opting to install dynamic routing systems into your vehicles. These routing systems can allow drivers to automatically follow the best and quickest route for them that will get them to their destination on time and without any issues, such as road closures. Not only this, but they can even keep your fleet safer because they can offer risk assessments of each route and the likelihood of a collision on each one. 

Wearable Technology

Many drivers are also now opting to wear technology so that they can be kept safer at all times. Wearable technology is great for monitoring the health of the wearer, including the number of hours that they sleep each night and the amount of stress that the wearer is under. This data can then be used to question whether the driver is in the best health for their shift or whether driving under these conditions could be dangerous and could result in injury or a collision. 

Self-Driving Vehicles

However, to mitigate the risk of a collision completely, avoid human error and save time, many firms are now starting to consider using self-driving trucks to transport their goods or deliver their loads. These self-driving vehicles do not always have to have a human inside them for them to follow the route, although many have a driver inside at the moment for safety purposes. However, these self-driving vehicles are likely to be the future of trucking and can ensure that you do not need to worry about driver safety or injuries when your fleet are completing their to-do list. 

Dashboard Cameras

Cameras fixed to a driver’s dashboard are now becoming a common sight in the world of trucking as this ensures that each driver must always maintain awareness of their driving and safety practices. This camera can mean that you can see exactly what happened when an accident happens or when something else goes wrong and will ensure that drivers are more likely to follow protocol. It will also protect your business if someone else is at fault in an accident.