Top Tips for Giving Your Company an Ethical Rebrand

Rebranding your company is one of the most fundamental changes you can make, and once you have made it, there is little chance you can turn back.

This is especially the case if you are looking to emphasize the ethical values of your business because the more you do to highlight them, the more you admit you could have been more ethical (or at least more vocal about them) in the past. 

An ethical rebrand is a line in the sand, a moment in which you can start afresh and take the opportunity to revitalize your organization from top to bottom, starting with the brand ethos at the heart of your company.

Here are a number of top tips you can use to help give your business an ethical rebrand:

Choose Business Partners Who Reflect Your Shifting Ethos

If you want to rebrand your company, then you will need to separate it from what went before. There is always a reason behind a rebrand, and you need to diagnose exactly what it is – and the factors behind it – before you make anything public.

For example, if you are looking to make your company more ethically-minded, then it may be time to dispose of anything or anyone who directly contradicts this stance. 

This could mean parting ways with old business partnerships to make way for collaborators who share your ethical vision. 

Indeed, these collaborations could even help you with the rebrand itself. Agencies specializing in ethical marketing – such as Eleven Marketing – could be worth reaching out to if you want to revamp your brand image. 

Don’t Jump on the Ethical Bandwagon – Make Sure the Change Is Real

When you are making such a comprehensive change to your company ethos, you need to ensure that you are backing it up with relevancy and a clear explanation as to why you’re making the change. 

Customers will have become used to the way your business operated in its previous guise and may not take kindly to the fact that you could be moving in a new direction.

While you should never be afraid of polarizing your customer base – it is, after all, what attracts certain people to your company in the first place – it is not wise to change without justifying it. 

Furthermore, some of your customers may perceive your ethical rebrand as an easy way of attracting attention rather than being backed up with action.

It is advisable for you to have at least a couple of examples of how your company has become more ethical to prove your seriousness.

Start From Scratch With Your Target Audience

Depending on how comprehensive your ethical rebrand is intended to be, you may have to turn your backs on your current customer base and start over. Of course, this is a more extreme option, but if you believe it is for the best of your company in the long term, you need to entertain the possibility of losing much of your current appeal.

While this is undoubtedly scary, if you anticipate attracting a much larger audience elsewhere, this may be your best bet. 

At the very least, you may have to go back to basics with your target market, reminding them of your new values and what has changed within your company, as though it was the first, they have heard of you.