Top 10 Project Management Apps to Manage Your Work

Project management leads a team to achieve a respective goal for business success based on the requirements and deadlines. However, the analysis proves that project management is a daunting task due to a lack of skills and unforeseen obstacles that can directly impact business. Fortunately, several project management apps manage and track the work for better efficiency and productivity.

What is Project Management Apps?

Project management apps (project management application software) are computer programs that help organize the workflow of a project to attain the goal by keeping track and managing the activity and task, scheduling the meetings and timelines, and other processes. According to the mobile app development services, project management analysis and management work effortlessly.

Importance of Project Management Apps 

  • Provide effortless project planning by using AI techniques and tools
  • Keeps balanced resource management
  • Keeps project budget management from step 1 till delivery
  • Provide monitoring of the project’s progress by giving insights
  • Create practical communication skills internally and externally
  • Helps to provide a better user experience for customer satisfaction

Here is the top 10 project management apps list to ensure better project management skills and techniques to provide a user experience.

Top 10 Project Management Apps


Asana was founded in 2008 by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein, and it is one of the most excellent management software apps that helps businesses keep track and organize work effortlessly.

Key features:

  • Email Integration
  • Notifications & Reminders
  • Automated updates
  • Prioritize the project by focusing on tasks and subtasks for achieving higher productivity
  • Project Permissions
  • Searched Views
  • Highly customize dashboards to keep track of task and activities
  • Setting Priorities & Due Dates
  • HTML5 mobile site (supported by iPhone too)
  • Customer Support
  • Multiple Workspaces


Wrike is a unique software for customizing workflows and editing projects according to mobile app development service. Moreover, it is a free software management app that helps organize projects for better outcomes while being remotely apart.

Key features:

  • Real-time activity stream.
  • Dynamic Gantt chart.
  • File sharing module.
  • Time-tracking tools.
  • Workload management schedule
  • Offers email and calendar synchronization
  • Provide built-in editing and approval features


Basecamp is leading project management apps which have combined tools and mechanism for the workflow of the project. It has a free version for trial, and after 30 days, it will cost $99 per month.

Key features:

  • Assign to-dos to more people simultaneously
  • Provide access to add notes and file attachments
  • Allows comment directly on tasks and lists
  • Provide embed images or files for the project
  • Allows sharing with third-party
  • Schedule events concerning dates and times
  • Give notification to people when things change
  • Provide a chat room for accessible communication
  • Offers @mention people to grab attention


Casual is one of the tops and unique management apps that allows drawing flowcharts to visualize and track the project’s workflow precisely.

Key features:

  • Create project plans and schedule for workflow
  • Create tasks and assignments for team suitably
  • Set project workflow and add people as required
  • Provide features to upload and share files
  • Give access to send messages
  • List of the task view
  • Have a various form of charts like (Board/ graph chart, color-coded project chart)
  • Team notifications of tasks
  • Set deadlines
  • See user details
  • Invite new users and followers
  • Offer mobile app service for better user experience
  • Re-use processes for new projects
  • Visual project summaries


Trello is kanban based software created by Fog Creek Software in 2011 and later sold to Atlassian in January 2017. It is available in 21 languages known as top project management apps like a virtual whiteboard for a better user experience.

Key features:

  • Easy to operate
  • Provide several boards to use for various projects
  • Free of cost.
  • Available to iOS and android users
  • Provide to-do lists, notes for task management
  • Have various features to assign task and create plans
  • Provide shortcut keyboards to save time
  • Align teams on assignment with an advanced checklist
  • Third-party integration


Omniplan is management app software, product by The Omni Group, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, released on June 6, 2006.

Key features:

  • Set projects effortlessly
  • Schedule dates for task
  • Recurring and manually scheduled tasks,
  • Interval cost and effort tracking
  • Make complicated projects manageable.
  • Have three new built-in templates (Standard Project, Standard Project (Styled), and Simple Project)
  • Provide multi-dashboards
  • Highlight important task
  • Edit project and files


Podio is web-based software for automating the project’s workflow, basically costing around $9/employee/month (billed monthly).

Key features:

  • Give access to comments, and comments can be text, images, files, and links.
  • Provide instant messaging and video calling
  • Content sharing & feedback workflows with clients.
  • Simple CRM & sales tracking.
  • MS Exchange integration.
  • 24-hour personal support from the Podio team.
  • Podio is mobile apps available for Android, iPhone & iPad.
  • Time tracking by the project.
  • Various dynamic cardboards.
  • Enables activity management.

Microsoft Project

It is one of the top management apps, commonly used among all. However, it is not easy to operate due to various unique functionalities. It has several features to manage project workflow and organize projects excellently. The basic plan of the Microsoft project starts with $7 per month.

Key features:

  • Plans projects and tasks for better workflow
  • Schedule meetings based on requirements
  • Have team calendars
  • Manages tasks efficiently
  • File sharing
  • Team dashboard
  • Sharing client data
  • Reporting
  • Resource management
  • Helps to deals with multiple projects simultaneously


Teamwork is one of the best management software tools to organize and plan the project effortlessly free of cost. It is available on iPhone and Android devices.

Key features:

  • Team management via an admin-controlled process
  • Multiple workspaces dedicated to different projects and tasks
  • Provide API availability.
  • Access Activity logging.
  • Provide effective activity management.
  • Allow activity tracking to achieve goal on deadline.
  • Archiving & retention.
  • Efficient assignment management for better workflow.
  • Billable hours of tracking.
  • Allow billing & invoicing.


nTask is the best management app with several tools to work as a professional project manager and keep track of project management.

Key features:

  • project management platform to manages everything effortlessly
  • make checklists to manage complex and complicated projects easily
  • create tasks and activities for effective workflow
  • provide collaboration with project teams
  • scheduling meetings according to dates and time
  • Provide access to share files and documents


To manage and plan projects faultlessly, Project management apps (project management application software) are leading tools to organize the workflow of a project to attain the goal by keeping track and managing the activity and task, scheduling the meetings and timelines, and another process. Creating practical communication skills gives a better user experience for customer satisfaction.