Three Quick Fixes to Make Your Business Run More Smoothly and Efficiently

There can be times when running a business, whether it is a small one or a particularly large one, that a little help can be very welcome.

There are the obvious solutions like hiring extra staff, which can cause headaches in itself, but there are other things such as different types of software and support which are available and can be of some use to solve other issues.

Gantt Charts for Planning and Scheduling

Using Gantt charts for planning and scheduling can help take the guesswork out of production and project timings. By using Gantt charts or a similar sort of software program, you can load all your project or production procedures in and see at a glance whereabouts along its journey your project is, whether there are any hold-ups or issues on the line which need addressing and who is currently working on it.

Allowing all your employees access to the chart then allows them to see how long they are supposed to work on it, and if you link it to your procedures, they will be able to see what it is they are doing.

It will also draw attention to whether or not any more person-hours will need to be spent on any particular project at any particular time during the schedule and enable you to move your employees around to benefit your company and the order book the most.

You will then be able to get a more accurate idea of when any project is likely to be finished for your customer, which will be helpful for getting the goods out the door on time.

Payroll Assistance

Upgrading to payroll software could help immensely at the end of each month, which, let face it, are the busiest times in any company. When the concentration is on getting the orders out the door to the customers and getting their money in, having top-of-the-range software to take the hassle of sorting the payroll and dealing with the taxes has got to be a real bonus.

If outsourcing the whole process seems too large a step, using more up-to-date software could provide a similar solution.

Using a Professional Answering Service

Taking some stress away from the front office can free up employees’ time so they can concentrate on other more important jobs within your business.

By using a professional answering service to answer all your telephone calls, and then report back any important ones for you to deal with when your staff have the time, can give your company a very professional feel. Also, a lot of people do not like speaking to an answerphone machine. Therefore, by outsourcing your telephone calls, all customers will be spoken to by another human giving your company a more positive customer experience and possibly gaining more customers as a result.

Final Thoughts

To help your business run more smoothly and efficiently, you can start helping your scheduling and planning teams by using a Gantt chart or something similar to plan your working schedules and get your delivery dates and times in line with what isw possible.

Also, by automating your payroll and having a professional answering service, you can take the headache out of payday as well as free up some of your employees’ time so that they can concentrate on other more important jobs within your business.