The Role of Search Engine Optimization in Business

It is the main part of digital marketing which is primary use in the marketing of our product on the internet. Every site requires the SEO to generate traffic on the product site that results in the more users will reach on our site and its increase the sail and requirement of our products on different platform of the internet i.e., Browser, Mobile Apps and Social Networking Sites.

How did search engine optimization start?

Search engines gained importance with the development of the internet network and the increase in the amount of content on the pages. Search engines have been very useful in finding interesting content in a maze of websites.

Decima Analytics Private Limited’s Technical optimization of SEO pages

  • Making it easier for Google to find your website

Don’t lose your visibility and traffic right from the start – a technically correct website means increasing its availability and visibility in search results. An optimized website is the first stage of effective   Positioning of your website

  • Make your website easier to understand by Google

Your website should be rich in useful content, and the pages should be clear and accurate. This is where SEO copywriting and content adaptation come in handy. Eliminating errors, improving page loading speed and better-presented text content are also elements that will be appreciated by your user – i.e., the customer.

Ducima Analytics Private Limited’s Reviews on SEO

Google Search Console 

Another free tool from the Google family. Ducima Analytics Private Limited is the best agency for learning positioning from scratch, recommended to everyone who is just starting out in this industry. Thanks to it, we can analyze, for example:

  • number of clicks on the page
  • the number of views obtained in organic results
  • number of external and internal links
  • technical condition of the website with subpages
  • the number of incoming links that we do not want to receive, can be deleted at our request

What Ducima Review for Search Engine Optimization?

  • Increased usability. This is achieved by creating clear and simple navigation and site structure.
  • Using tags: ALT for writing pictures, H1 for setting headings.
  • Optimization of the speed of page loading, its visibility in different browsers and on different devices, uniform design style, text readability, and font selection.
  • We Should not link to the same article more than once per page, as this decreases the link Traffic.
  • The content of the Site should be Unique. It should not match with other content on the internet
  • Social factors that are gaining more and more important in SEO promotion.

The complex of works on SEO site optimization includes:

Setting indexing parameters – Adjusting robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, setting up site mirrors. Checking the site code for errors that may affect the indexing of the site.

With the Ducima Analytics Reviews, basic internal website optimization – Checking for sanctions applied to the site by search engines. Checking the belonging of the site to the region of promotion. Find and hide external links. Check for “broken” links and fix them.