Steps to Backup Messages, Contacts, and Photos of Gmail

Some online Email-Service users, find it difficult to understand the Gmail client to back up email files, so this article will guide you on how you can download multiple Gmail messages, contacts, and photos at a time.

We found that Gmail account holders who have been using it for a long time are also searching for some problems related to Gmail on many platforms. Most of the problems are related to the storage of Gmail account. Gmail is a popular and free open-service software email client that is used by almost all online users to send and receive their important emails. Gmail provides many free features to the user such as formatting options, file attachments, link inserting, emoji inserting, etc. When we add attachments to messages, they are called email files.

Before downloading Gmail email files, we have to look at some basic things like what are the advantages of saving multiple messages, photos, contacts of email files at once, and all the given points will help you how to save files. What could be the reasons behind doing this?

Benefits to Backup and Restore Gmail Email Files

We know that backup has now become a huge factor not only for organizations but also for single users as we have started giving a lot more social platforms to keep it up to date. And it is also known that Gmail is an email service provider that provides users with minimum storage to store their emails. This can also be a reason why all organizations and single users are planning to back up Gmail files to a hard drive for offline use.

Read more benefits, with the help of which we will know in detail about the backup of files and understand that it is necessary.

  • It is needed to prevent inbox files from cybercrime.
  • Offline use of data files can also be a reason for different users.
  • You can also convert your huge files into a single folder.
  • It enables you to check your data immediately.
  • Important files will not be deleted without your permission.
  • No need for internet data to download attachments again and again.

After reading and understanding all the benefits in detail, now we will know the backup methods which will be easy to implement and how we can back up contacts, calendar, Gmail items along with messages.

Backup and Restore Contacts, Photos, and Message from Your Google Account

Here, we will talk about the query that comes first to our mind when we consider downloading files. There are only two options of backup emails of the Gmail client. The first option is that backup only messages of your Gmail Account and the second option is to backup Gmail emails with all the Gmail items such as contacts, calendar, message, etc. 

If your photos or pictures are lost when they were deleted accidentally or due to corruption, you can use this Photo Recovery Software to restore them back to their original form which is all popular image files created and supported by a wide range of Supports formats. Once the retrieved data is shown in the tree structure, you can click on the files (images, audio, and video) one by one to check their file properties before saving them. The file properties can be viewed on the right-side pane.

Method 1:-  Backup only Messages of Your Gmail Account

This is the first method we use to back up only our Gmail account messages on the hard drive, but with the help of this we cannot back up multiple files at once and it also has some drawbacks that you may know after applying.

Step 1:- First, enter your credentials for login on your Gmail Account.

Step 2:- Select an Email from your inbox that you want to backup.

Step 3:- Hit the key “ctrl+p” to open the new wizard of paste the file.

Step 4:- Choose the PDF option from the dropdown list of destinations.

Step 5:- Click on the “Download message” option to download the email in the form of a PDF.


If you just want to save the message, then you can also take the help of this method and save the message in your desired folder.

Copy and Paste Method 

Step 1:- Open your Gmail account with the required information.

Step 2:- Click on the Email file that you want to save.

Step 3:- Press key “Ctrl+C” to cut the message of your select mail.

Step 4:- Open the destination folder to save your message.

Step 5:- Press key “Ctrl+V” to paste the message on the desired folder.

Step 6:- Your selected message has been completely saved in your location.

All the above steps were easy to implement but, there are some drawbacks that come in the middle of the execution process and take more time.

What is that mistake, let’s know – If you want to download a message with all the attachments or save only attachments without message such as photos, files, etc then you have to click on the downward arrow shown on the attachment image when you hover on the selected attachment that you want to download separately.

Some more technical issues and limitations like

  • You can only backup one email at a time.
  • All email files will only download in PDF file format.
  • Gmail items will not download with the email messages.
  • All email attachments will have to be download separately.
  • To download multiple emails, you need to repeat the same steps again.
  • Increase the chances of confusion and file delete possibilities.

We just read the first method, also see that there are some limitations/technical issues that prevent the process of executing files. Let us move on to the next solution to address all the limitations of the above method. It also helps you avoid confusion and repetition of steps.

Method 2:-  Backup Gmail Emails with all the Gmail Items

With the help of this method, we can download all Gmail items with an email message. Gmail items like calendars, contacts, photos, attached files, etc. can be download with multiple emails at a time without losing data files. Let’s start with the steps of this method.

Step 1:- Download and Install the Gmail Backup Tool on your PC.

Step 2:- Click on the Sign In button after fill your id details.

Step 3:- Select the folders from the tree you want to backup, click Next.

Step 4:- Opt with advanced features according to your needs.

Step 5:- Finally, click on the Convert button to backup Gmail email files.

Step 6:- After complete all the above steps, you can easily download your backup report by clicking on the download report option. 

After reading and applying the second method, you would have noticed that this method is already effective as well as easy, has fewer steps, and is also easier to implement. Now we will look at all the advanced features that increase the speed of conversion/migration of files, with backup.

  • A date range filter for filtering email items by choosing a date range.
  • Download all Gmail emails into the desired format as per need.
  • Get a Free Gmail Backup Tool to analyze the performance of the software for 50 emails.
  • You can also delete the emails from your inbox after backup to make space.


In this article, we learned about Gmail and how we can backup Gmail emails separately or with all the items in a short period of time. We have covered the advanced features of the Backup Software that helps you to download all the email message with Gmail items and also increase the backup speed of files. I hope you find this article help you.