How to Record Gameplay with iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder serves as one of the best free screen recorders for PC gamers. It’s outstanding software used for recording screens and gameplay with no time limit and no watermark. Created by a software development company known as IObit, iFun Screen Recorder serves as the solution to various video recording needs. 

With this software, you can record high-quality, smooth videos for a specific portion of the screen or the full screen. It allows you to adjust the recording screen’s size and enables easy capture of screenshots. Videos from the webcam and computer can also be recorded simultaneously using the app.

iFun Screen Recorder is designed to record different gaming perspectives including 2D/3D games like Roblox, League of Legends, Minecraft, etc. Game screens can be recorded in the highest quality with up to 60 FPS, adjustable resolution, and quality without dropping frames.

This software is well-optimized and it only requires below 10% of the CPU power and less memory to capture and save a high-quality video.

iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder is designed with an interface that is easy to set up and use. After the software has been downloaded and installed successfully, there are a few steps required before it can be used for screen recording gameplay. The steps to follow are as follows: 

  1. The iFun Screen Recorder shortcut will appear on your desktop after installation. To start the application, double-click it.
  2. Use the “Select a region” option on the software’s main interface to choose whether to record the full screen or just a section.
  3. To record the audio as well, turn on the Speaker option. You can also enable the microphone and choose whether to see your mouse on the recorded screen.
  4. There is a red recording button at the bottom. Click on it to begin recording.
  5. During recording, a floating overlay appears on the screen that allows you to pause or stop the recording whenever you desire. There’s also a quick button for taking a screenshot during recording.
  6. After recording, the video will be automatically saved and available in the Video List tab.

Screen Recorder

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You can change the video quality, resolution, output format, and frames per second of the saved file by going to the Recording Settings tab. From there, the desired location to save files can be selected, and the audio file’s format can be altered there as well.


iFun Screen Recorder offers an amazing experience and is one of the best free screen recorders for PC gamers. One of the most appealing aspects of iFun Screen Recorder is that it is free and it offers all of the features found in other paid screen recorders. The recording length has no time limit, and there no watermarks. Many players and talented content creators now use it exclusively.

The iFun Screen Recorder interface is appealing and simple, making it easy to create screencasts. Recordings can be achieved by simply following the step-by-step procedure.