How Do You Increase User Engagement on Hybrid Product Launch?

Effective user engagement is the most common phenomenon to which we all have been hunting and looking for solutions to take on an entirely new purpose of hosting a hybrid product launch. Although product launches haven’t been so sophisticated earlier but after the prevalence of COVID-19 pandemic, the event industry showed a huge shift in trends which appeared to be more true-to-life.

Hybrid product launches are slowly taking over the old ways of organizing a traditional product launch. However, even though it offers great opportunities, event planners were forced to deal with new convolutions of filling the gap between two attendees that potentially keeps them engaged steadily. While product launch engagement is an extremely important metric to achieve and crack your event strategy, not everyone can efficiently measure the core alone.

Moreover, the active participation of the audience is the foundation of a successful hybrid product launch. Hence, a product launch event is a brilliant way to show off your brand-new product, generate awareness and acquire genuine leads right away. Remember the more your event gives a real-life experience to your audience the more they are expected to show up and engage. Now to maximize visitor’s engagement on your hybrid product launch we have curated an informative guide that will not only appeal your prospects but also hook them until the end of the show.

What Are Hybrid Product Launches?

A hybrid product launch is just as normal product launch. It enables brands to showcase their latest products and offerings to a wider spectrum of attendees in a sophisticated hybrid environment. Submissively manage and explore various areas of hybrid product launch and deliver rich-content from any part of the world in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way.

What Is Audience Engagement?

Audience engagement to put simply is a condition wherein there is an active participation of delegates. You can easily derive your event engagement via measuring the stay of each attendee in a session, platform activity, interaction, attendance at each session, and some other metrics. Engagement at hybrid product launch can be generated through metrics like clicks, visit at each booth, chat room activity, participation in polls, and more. Interesting part of the hybrid event is it involves both in-person and online metrics which measures the overall performance and engagement of the event.

Many experts have mentioned that, if you are able to engage attendees and make your user-journey seamless, they are going to participate more in the future. The most important thing is to actively involve participants with full enthusiasm and engagement.

Increase Engagement on Hybrid Product Launch

Define Your Product Launch Metrics

Before anything, you must define the main purpose of measuring or what exactly you are expecting to measure. Over 80% of the event professionals state that with the intentions of measuring the hybrid event success, utilising KPIs can uplift attendees attention and satisfaction. An event metric is the most important element of any virtual event, hence, one must create an accurate plan and share it further with the team to work effectively with clear communication on the similar goals. Here are a few engagement metrics that you must contemplate for your next hybrid product launch:

  1. Attendees Recognition
  2. Live Chat and Live Polling Participation
  3. Number of Clicks on the Downloads
  4. Ratings of the Content You Delivered
  5. Social Media Tags

Focus on User Experience

Attendees are the core of your event henceforth focusing upon creating an experience that is inclined moreover attendees. Ensure that your platform has easy access to navigation for the audience to explore every corner of your platform seamlessly. Remember not everyone at the platform is adapted with the new technology and tactics of a hybrid platform, therefore pay extra attention to the visitors experience and leverage a user-friendly hybrid product launch platform. Design a FAQ section or create a small video that directs and showcases every aspect of your platform alongside engagement activities.

If you are still unsure about choosing a platform for your product launch, we suggest you to schedule demos with platforms of your choice and understand their user-friendly tools and features.

Keep your content relevant to capture delegates attention

Focusing on relevant content for the audience automatically drives engagement to your program. Draft your content in a way that is exceptionally unique and extraordinary from your competitors. Living the current pandemic crisis, people are locked at home which has extended their options to explore content and are always looking forward to enrolling in events that offer great opportunities to learn, explore, and take along a suitcase of memories and experiences.

Willing to keep attendees engaged until the end? Ensure that your event integrates breakout sessions for them to allow them a room to initiate interaction with other participants. Understand your attendees persona and give them what they have been looking for in the best way possible.

Gamify Your Product Launch

A larger percentage of experts admitted that games alone can do half of your job in keeping attendees engaged in a dynamic hybrid world.  Planners are adopting new techniques that can immensely help attendees to explore and boost their knowledge from the show.

Gamifying the various areas of your hybrid product launch the escalate your hybrid events engagement metrics. Incentivise attendees with games like: spin the wheel, crosswords, quiz, poll, and web-based games like: football, dart games, temple run and whatever you wish you add. You can also include rewarding points to encourage attendees to participate more at your product launch in the lieu of earning points.

Design Hybrid Product Launch While Keeping Attendees in Mind

As we go into the hybrid era, it’s critical to keep this in mind while organising events. It’ll be enticing to emphasize just on the in-person audience, but hybrid events must satisfy two separate audiences. Make sure you don’t overlook virtual participants!

Make absolutely sure the webcams are geared up for a high-quality virtual interface, that the visuals are quite well, and that the digital audience’s discussion and questions are included into the in-person perception! Utilize event technology to create a hybrid solution that will allow you to bridge the gap between the two worlds.

Over to You

Increasing user engagement has been the most complex hit for event planners and marketers. In response to rank on the top in your event engagement level it is important to thoroughly measure and plan your show. With hybrid products launch cementing their position in the event industry, it is important to keep digging and fine-tune your event strategies. With the help of this guide you can efficiently crack your intent to level up your engagement game in the two worlds hassle-free and take you towards the road of the event success in the current year and beyond.