Custom Veterinary Software Solutions: – Types, Key Features & Benefits

For most of us pets are like our own family members. They are equal partners in sharing our joy and sorrow. Likewise, India being predominantly an agricultural company, people here keep a lot of cows, buffalos, horses and donkeys. Animals that fall sick or are injured need to be taken to a veterinary hospital and clinics for treatment and care. 

Doctors who treat animals (known as a veterinary doctor) need to need keep track of the animals they have treated or animals that are currently undergoing treatment. Just like human beings, a lot of records are generated as well when animals undergo treatment. Doctors and other medical staff need to be aware of the test reports, diagnosis, vaccination, drugs being administered and previous medical history to mention a few important tasks. 

Custom veterinary software solutions help patients quickly assess an animal’s record for further treatment and follow-up.  A good healthcare software development company can help veterinary doctors seamlessly run a veterinary hospital or clinic by helping with client’s database, appointment and scheduling, reporting and e-medical records amongst other things. 

Custom veterinary practice management software designed and developed by a good healthcare software company can help simplify the treatment process, and ensure that animals receive good and appropriate treatment from doctors.

Reports reveal that the global veterinary software market is growing at a rapid pace. The market is currently estimated to be around $1.5 billion is expected to grow to $ 3 billion by the end of 2027, it is expected to reach $2.08 billion. 

What do the statistics say?

Custom veterinary practice management solutions are fast becoming an integral part of every veterinary hospital or clinic around the globe. As per AVMA, more than 60% of US residents own a pet or more than one pet, with the US pet industry expenditure currently estimated at over $110 billion in the US.

Moreover, Covid-19 enforced lockdown made people lonely and depressed. They sought solace in pets, a fact attested by figures in Japan which shows the demand for dogs and cats jumped more than 20% during the peak of the pandemic. 

Key features of veterinary software

As mentioned above people love their pets as well as their domesticated animals, which means every year billions of dollars are spent on animal care. Pet owners want the absolute best for their animals, which means veterinary hospitals need to offer high-quality treatment and care, and satisfy owners with the best-in-class treatment. 

Veterinary services cover an entire gamut of activities ranging from diagnostics, physical examinations, surgery, vaccination, to medications.  As such, a clinic that provides these services are taking help of reputable custom software development company to build a custom veterinary management system that can help them offer highest quality care to animals. 

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss in detail key features & benefits of Custom Veterinary Software Solutions, and how a good healthcare software development company can design and develop a custom software for your pet clinic. 

Wide implementation of reports

Running reports is one of the most useful features of a veterinary software. Top of the line software designed for veterinary reduce the need for manual tasks by automating a lot of routine processes. Automation means quick task completion along with the added benefit of minimal risk of mistakes as is the case with manual jobs. 

Additionally, automating process means the software is entrusted with the task of generating reports thus freeing the doctor and nurses to take up other important jobs.  

You can effortlessly start using EMR

In veterinary healthcare, EMR will help you organize and arrange info about the animals you are treating. You can get swift access to information such as: 

  • The disease history
  • Previous and current prescription
  • history of treatment
  • history of animal behavior
  • details of previous surgery 
  • record of past visits
  • diagnostics results
  • vaccinations record, etc. 

Excellent client experience

Pet owners are well-aware of the facilities and services provided by hospitals and healthcare centers for humans. However, the general perception is that veterinary centers are unlikely to offer anything matching that provided by hospitals. However, they are likely to turn into loyal customers if you can pleasantly surprise them with the fact that your clinic offers facilities such as access to EMR and record of previous visits. 

Key features of custom veterinary practice management software

Any decision these days is based on data and relevant information derived from that data. A good veterinary software can ease your decision-making process and allow for better strategy and planning by providing you with meaningful insights from the data that you have at your command. 

Safe access to data

Security of your important data is of paramount importance. A reputable healthcare software development company can deliver customized veterinary software that can keep your critical data and records safe from mischievous elements.  

Accounting and invoicing

This feature will allow you to keep track of your income and your expenses. You will be aware of how much you are spending with respect to how much you are earning. This way your finances will be in order, and allow you to keep your invoice well-organized.  

E-medical records

Veterinary software helps veterinary doctors keep health records electronically. This way you can easily locate a patient’s detail without manually going through all the records. The medical record also keeps track of appointments for vaccination, routine checkups and previous lab test results. This reduces a doctor’s workload to a considerable extent. 

Many vistas of communication

Your present and potential clients would like the option to schedule and reschedule appointments as per their convenience. They would also like the option to consult the vet through video conferencing without going personally to the clinic. By integrating various modes of communication such as video calling, text messaging, etc, a custom software can greatly endear you to your target audience.  A custom software development company can help your business grow at a quick pace by facilitating seamless communication between veterinarians and clients.