Blog Commenting And The Mistakes That You Make For SEO

Blog commenting could be a worthwhile effort that you can make to increase hybrid traffic on your website. In blog commenting, you look out for blogs similar to your website or webpage content and try to leave some informative comments below the blog with a link to your webpage.

This way, people who read your comments after going through the blog can visit your website as well if they find your comment knowledgeable. 

Don’t Always Consider Your Competition As Your Enemy

You need to accept that many websites have more traffic than yours, and people give them more priority over yours. But such websites can also be helpful for you and could be your Dofollow blog commenting sites that will generate traffic for you eventually.

You have to realize that everyone could have a different perspective and a different set of knowledge on the same topic. Thus, people might not be satisfied by the information they get on other websites.

If you leave your personal views in blog comments, then the chances are that someone finds your information much helpful and visits your web page for further details. 

Never Over-Promote Your Website Or Content For SEO

A common mistake that you can make while blog commenting is the over-promotion of your own website. This over-promotion might appear spammy, and in most cases, it looks something like this.

  • Spamming your link under several blogs of free profile creation sites list.
  • Using website or brand name as your username.
  • Unnecessarily mentioning your personal brand several time in the comment.
  • Don’t use cliché statements like check out my recent blog etc.
  • Do not spam comment box with numerous comments.
  • Avoid leaving comments under irrelevant blogs and posts.

For a genuine audience, you have to be original and make a professional approach. For this, only bring original ideas and leave comments only where it feels necessary.

Learn to appreciate others and only mention other’s mistakes with proofs and highlight the good part of other’s blog too.

Use Full Name And Active Email Address In The Comments 

If you are genuinely looking for a long-term audience that sticks to your brand or website, you have to be authentic. Therefore, the first step to authenticity could be providing your real identity on blog commenting sites.

Top bloggers never use fake names or made-up names but always approach the audience as a real person behind whatever they post.

The next helpful step in the direction would be providing an authentic and active email address in the comment or on the website so that the audience can reach out to you.

People might approach you for criticism, but not everyone can dislike your content if you are honest and providing knowledge and information with complete proof.

Social bookmarking sites are another approach used by bloggers to promote their content, web pages or blog posts.

These are more advanced options and therefore, instead of commenting below old blogs or webpages with low domain authority, try the social bookmarking sites to find the latest relevant posts and leave your blog comment there.

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