The Reasons Why Businesses Must Choose Android for their App Development Project

Android is one of the largest installed operating systems that power a huge number of devices throughout the world. It is an open-source mobile operating system with a huge user base.

A large number of companies are leveraging Android for providing Android development services including custom mobile applications to best meet the business’s requirements. Having a large number of hardware, software, and carrier partners along with huge contributions of the Linux community, Android has emerged as the fastest-growing mobile operating system.

Each month, billions of apps and games are downloaded by Android users from the Google Play store. The innovations and capabilities that Android comprises allow Android programmers to create robust, unique, and highly functional applications that are compatible with the latest mobile technologies. 

Why Android App Development Is So Popular?

In today’s Internet-driven world, the use of mobile applications is increasing at a rapid pace. Mobile apps have become a great medium for businesses to reach their potential customers. That’s the reason why most businesses are making their presence online via their own mobile apps. By creating the best and user-friendly mobile applications, businesses are able to enhance their customer’s experience.

In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, businesses that do not have a mobile app and are still using older ways to interact with their customers are lagging behind their competitors. As compared to desktops, smartphones are more in use these days. Therefore, investing in mobile application development can bring tremendous ROI for businesses. 

To make an investment in mobile app development, it is vital to choose the right operating system. Among a number of operating systems available in the market, Android holds a leading place throughout the globe. Currently, Android OS is the top-notch platform in the mobile application market, with more than 86% market share in application development.

The popularity of the Android platform can be determined by the fact that in today’s time, 8 out of 10 devices use the Android platform. Let’s look at some of the key benefits of Android OS that make it the most adapted platform for mobile app development projects.

Benefits of Android App Development

Below mentioned are some of the key benefits of Android app development, have a look:

  • Require Low Investment:

As compared to other operating systems, Android has a low barrier to entry. Developers can easily get the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) without making any investment, which further reduces the cost of development and licensing. It just requires fewer investments in the development process which include application development, testing, and hardware cost for testing and deploying the Android mobile application. 

  • Open Source Platform:

Android is an open-source platform, which means it is licensing and royalty-free. Also, it is not just restricted to the Android market. This gives developers a lot of liberty and freedom to bring uniqueness and creativity in the process of app development. Android’s SDK architecture allows developers to interact and discuss important things with the community regarding future expansions of Android mobile application development. One can also download Android apps from any source which is another plus point of the Android platform. 

  • Easy to Learn and Adapt:

Anyone who has the knowledge of Java language can build Android applications. Yes, Android applications are scripted in Java along with a rich set of libraries.

  • Low Barriers of Entry:

Unlike iOS applications in which the developer needs a Mac to start the development process, Android applications can be created on various sources such as Windows, Mac, or Linux. The designers or developers just have to pay a small amount as a one-time installment to enlist as an engineer on the Google Play Store. It means that the entry cost for Android developers is much more cost-efficient as compared to iOS developers. Besides this, after the development process is over, the app will be approved and deployed within a day on Google Play Store. Even after the deployment on Google Play, the apps can be updated as many times as required. 

  • Customizable and Easy to Manage User-Interface:

The user interface plays an essential role in making or breaking an application. The best thing about Android apps is that they are highly customizable and easy to manage as well. The customizable nature of Android allows developers to develop custom Android apps for businesses to meet their precise requirements. The various customization options allow developers to create innovative and interactive applications that can do well in today’s competitive marketplace.  

  • Multiple Sales Channels:

There are multiple sales channels available for the deployment of Android app development services. Businesses can use a third-party application marketplace or can create their own distribution and sales channel. Thereby businesses can publish their Android apps using their choice of promotional strategy to reach their target customers via multiple channels. 

Looking at the benefits of the Android platform, it would be correct to say that investing in Android app development is a profitable decision. 


There is no doubt that the Android market is flourishing at a rapid pace. With the increasing demand for smartphones and the usage of applications, the future of Android app development also seems bright and fruitful. Therefore, businesses that are planning to invest in mobile application development must utilize Android OS for the development of their business application as it can bring better ROI for them.

It is advisable to hire Android developers from a professional and well-established company that assures customized services that are best suitable for your business requirements.