Android Apps of the Day – We Separate Apps with Free Wallpapers for Your Smartphone

By having an open system, one of the main advantages for Android users is the amount of customization that the devices allow. With a root, for example, it is possible to transform the smartphone into something completely different, with icons, options and customized user interfaces. But some customizations don’t take that much work and are available via a single download from Google Play.

Among the dozens of apps with phone wallpapers to customize your Android screen, we selected three of the coolest ones. With them, you’ll never run out of new image options to give your smartphone a different face.

But first of all, it’s important to remember that these apps use your connection to download images from their databases to your Android, so we recommend that you always download while connected to a Wi-Fi network. apps can end up sucking your 3G bundle in no time.

Additionally, these programs, as well as most of the free apps on Google Play, use advertising to fund their apps. Be careful not to end up clicking on an unwanted link!

Wave Live Wallpapers

There are many apps to download live wallpapers and live wallpaper maker to create your wallpaper. But, Live wallpapers 4K and HD Backgrounds is one of them where you can both download many HD wallpapers and also create 3D wallpaper.

It’s easy to navigate, allowing the user to search by the categories of live wallpapers such as games, cartoons, music, movies or even sports, or search for the latest animated backgrounds, most downloaded images of the month or week. You can also rate the images, tag your favorites and even share them on social networks.


Created by the company of the same name, Zedge is one of the best known and most downloaded wallpaper apps for Android. The app has more than 40 million users and has the advantage of having its image base constantly updated, so there will always be something new when you log into the app. When you access it, you will find a database of images customized for your device. For the Galaxy S III, for example, there are more than 28 thousand HD wallpapers and more than a thousand animated wallpapers available.


It is a little and known application for smartphone and Windows 10 on PC, but it promises to impress lovers of photography. The app is an unofficial UnSplash client, a repository of amazing images of landscapes and countless other types, all in high resolution and the best: with completely free download.

This app becomes a very good alternative to get high quality wallpapers for your smartphone and Windows device, without worrying about infringing on photographers’ copyrights. All images are available for free use, and Photove makes it easy to download to your smartphone or computer.

Easy to use and beautifully designed, the app also lets you access UnSplash’s social networking features, among other useful features. Check out a list of available resources:

  • Search for photos, users and collections and in the UnSplash catalog
  • Access random images
  • Share UnSplash Images with Friends
  • Set image for lock screen wallpaper
  • Create custom layouts
  • Follow users
  • Manage your collection
  • Like the UnSplash photos