6 Best Plants to Adorn Your Coffee Table

A coffee table is a place that you like to exhibit before your friends and family. While furnishing your home, you take care of little things to be done as a part of the interior. From TV area to coffee table to dining space, everything should look exotic, neat and welcoming whenever someone steps in. A coffee table is one of the requisite parts of the furniture that is specially made for distraction from all the mess.

Usually, your coffee table is either covered with various novels or with some arrangement that goes well with your interior. But, you often forget that you come to your coffee table when you want to take a break and wish to feel positive and relaxed. You do not want an excessive mess there that disturbs you, and as a result, you cannot have your coffee calmly.

Well, have you ever thought of surrounding yourself with serene and tranquil table plants? You must have, but you lack the knowledge of the best plants to adorn your coffee table. What are the plants that will spread beauty and positivity both? You are always in quest for answers but fail to get the right one. Therefore, we will help you to decorate your coffee table with plants that will be worth showing off.

So, let’s go through the ride of those welcoming table plants that will make your coffee table look fantastic, and you can enjoy your therapeutic coffee time with tranquilising plants.


Jade Plant

Commonly known as a money tree, people like to use it as a houseplant. Well, no doubt, Jade is an excellent plant to place on your coffee table. With proper fertilisation, sunlight and heat, you can see pink and white flowers blooming that look appealing. Remember, Jade doesn’t like to be overwatered. So, if you are making Jade a part of your coffee table, take care of it to experience the most beautiful ambience.

Succulent Plant

There are wide assortments of succulent plants that go well with every coffee table. These moist, fleshy plants are low maintenance and need very little water. Especially they can stay in meagre sunlight. The green ones can be adorned inside while the coloured ones stay well outside. So, make succulent plants a part of your coffee table as you need not take much care of them.


Well, a drought-tolerant plant. Yes, moss can live without water for days but needs a little care, honestly. With its greenish grass look in the pot, it is the best plant to decorate not just your coffee table but your living space also. This is most commonly known to purify the air by taking away the pollutants in it. So, adding moss to your list is no harm. It is beautiful and serene. Go for it.

Baby Rubber Plant

If you are asthmatic or someone around you is, then adding a baby rubber plant to your home decor would be the best option to go for. It is a low maintenance plant that needs unfiltered light and not so frequent watering. Why does it go for asthmatic people? Because it kills bacteria or mould spores that come on leaves. Also, it emits high oxygen that is good for asthmatic people.

Spider Plant

If you have pets, let us tell you it is a non-toxic plant to cats and other animals. The spider plant is an elementary plant and can be grown anywhere. They are best known to remove toxins from the air and purify the air. So, it is one of the air purifying plants to adorn on your coffee table. And no, it doesn’t harm anyone.

Sedum Makinoi

If you are looking for a drought-resistance plant that needs very little care and you do not need to maintain it much. It is also known as a stonecrop and belongs to a succulent family. If you want it to flourish, then keep it in full light with a good drainage system. They are usually the centre of attraction with the glossy, rosette, fleshy leaves. So, they are a beautiful addition to your coffee table.

We hope this piece of writing helps you know which table plants will look the best on your coffee table. Adorn it with any of them and feel refreshed whenever you go to have an aromatic coffee there.

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